How many lots are there at Seachange?

There were 420 lots developed over 7 stages from 2001-2007. There has been a significant time delay whilst we have worked to rezone the balance of our land holdings. The land was rezoned in 2017 and will comprise another 558 lots. Over 525 of these lots have already been sold making Seachange one of the fastest selling estate in the whole Geelong area (yes including the Armstrong Creek Estates).

Do I have to build within a certain time?

Absolutely not. You can build straight away or in 20 years time, the choice is up to you.

What are the design guidelines or building restrictions?

Please see design guidelines brochure here. Whilst we encourage contemporary coastal architecture, the reality is that most volume builder designs will be approved (but not all). The bottom 10% of entry level designs may not be approved if they have not got any articulation to the façade and or two types of materials on the façade. If you are unsure whether the design you like would be approved or not we are always happy to provide pre-approval advice on which you can rely.

How much are the blocks?

Please contact Neville Richards Real Estate for a full price list but we currently have blocks from only $199,950 which must be some of the most affordable land not only on the Bellarine but also in Geelong.

When are you expecting titles to issue?

Construction is well advanced on stages 1-5 with titles expected early in 2019. Stages 6-11 are expected to progressively commence work in early 2019 with stages progressively being completed in the latter half of that year.

Why should I buy in Seachange?

Please, if you havent already, then take the time to drive through the previous stages of Seachange. You will see the high quality landscaping of reserves and streetscapes, high quality homes (many of which are selling for over $700k!) in a fantastic location.

We can assure you that the next stages will be even better again! The new entry off Leviens Road will have a dual carriage entry boulevard with palm trees lining the centre median. Also along the Leviens Road main entry will be over 5 acres of wetland reserves.

Within these reserves will be many tens of thousands of native and exotic plants, kick around areas for informal play, boardwalks and walking paths around the entire reserve area as well as the wetland features themselves.

This area will be similar to the wetlands at one of our previous estates Central Walk in Drysdale but the Seachange version will be 3 times as big!

Is Seachange Estate at St.Leonards in a regional area for the purposes of First Home Owner Grant?

Yes. The state government is offering $20k grant to approved first homebuyers and this is available at Seachange.

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